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It’s not just paper we handle. While we do market over 60 different grades of secondary fiber, we also help our clients with recycling of various metal and plastic materials. Contact us for a free consultation.

Direct Pulp Substitutes:
Recycled Fiber Pulp (Made from waste paper)
S.B.S. Plate Stock
Unprinted Solid Bleach Sulphate
Hard White Envelope Cuttings
Hard White Shavings
Hard White Roll Stock
Ruled Computer Print Out
Ruled White
Manila Tag
Coated Soft White Shavings
White Dry Wax Cup Stock (Wet Strength)
White Coffee Filter Trim (Wet Strength)
Manila Wallboard Tape Trim (Wet Strength)

Groundwood Grades:
White Newsblank
Coated Publication Blank
Groundwood Shavings
Groundwood Sections
Groundwood Computer Print Out
Over-Issue News
News #6
News #8
Groundwood Hot-Melt Shavings
Old Magazines

Post Consumer Grades:
Computer Print Out
Laser Computer Print Out
Laser White Ledger
Sorted White Ledger
Sorted Colored Ledger
Sorted Office Waste
File Stock / Office Waste

Pre Consumer Printed Stock:
Light Print S.B.S.
Medium Print S.B.S.
Heavy Print S.B.S.
White Form Ledger
Manifold White Ledger
Printed White Envelope Cuttings
Colored Form Ledger
Manifold Colored Ledger
Colored Envelope Cuttings
Colored Roll Stock
Poly Window Envelope
Printed Bleached Bag Kraft
Tinted Folder Stock
Printers “Mix”
Coated Sulphite
I.G.S. Board
I.G.S. Coated

Brown Grades:
Grocery Bag Waste
Used Brown Kraft
Multiwall Brown Kraft Bag
Liner Board
Liner Board Roll Stock
Poly Lined Bag Waste
Mill Wrappers
Solid Unbleached Sulphate
Industrial Corrugated
Old Corrugated Containers
Brown Kraft Envelope Cuttings
Kraft Poly Window Cuttings
Carrier Board
(Some Wet Strength)
Double Lined Kraft
Waxed D.L.K.

Miscellaneous Low Grades:
Boxboard Cuttings
Hard Mixed Paper
Soft Mixed Paper
Mixed Paper

PET Bottles
Pre Forms
HDPE: Natural, Colored, Co-Mingled
ABS \ Rigid
Mix Bottle Grades #1 – #7
LDPE Film: Clear, Colored, Co-Mingled
Mixed Rigid
Super Sacks

Aluminum Litho Sheets
Aluminum Beverage Cans
Brass Grades
Copper Grades
Stainless Steel Grades

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